Heather Fulbright – Hair Stylist

How often do you have a horse and a model that are the same age? Ace, the black horse, and our model showed how age and beauty can rock out. This shoot started as a showcase for my good friend Heather and her awesome hair styling skills. She had some new looks that she wanted to show off; I mentioned we might have a horse. And, then, this awesomeness happened.

I think that one sign of a great stylist is hair that seamlessly becomes part of a rockin shoot, but still stands on its own and wows you.  Heather just rocks my world. The talented Christina did her own makeup, modeled, and eagerly jumped in with our horses. Ace and Bug (the chestnut horse) were great sports, and a special thanks to Cindy & John for letting us borrow their beauties.

Tea for Three

This all started with a bit of a daydream during the winter months after I saw an image in a Korean magazine. The photo, with two similar looking girls ready to celebrate warmer weather, sparked a thought to do a shoot with identical twins. As luck would have it, a friend helped me get in touch with two gorgeous twins who are beginning their professional modeling career. Then, their cute little rabbit hopped on the scene. Surely this is a dream, right?  Before I knew it, all the pieces were falling into place: an amazing artist was willing to do set design; an imaginative hair stylist who I adore was on board; my favorite make up artist was in our adventure; and a talented stylist with her own boutique joined right in, too!

All that was left was a location. Oh a location: Down the rabbit hole I went! This location was off limits, this one would not have me, this one they would have to think about it. Then, I happened upon the loveliest orchard. With everything set to go, only one thing could derail us – RAIN! But far from tears that carried my plans away, the rain merely delayed us a few days, which was just enough time for the apples to begin to blossom.

Surely this was all a dream right? How did all of this come together so perfectly? Shu had her own adventure in wonderland.

Special thanks to:

Models: Amanda and Kayla Vincent | Amandaandkaylavincent@yahoo.com

Makeup Artist: Christina Grillo | grillo.christina@gmail.com

Hair: Heather Fulbright | Solange The Salon, 2901 E Zion Rd ste 6, Fayetteville, AR. (479) 571-2877

Set Designer: Vanessa Mattocks Ryerse | Vintage Butterfly Mosaics

Wardrobe & Stylist: Vintage Violet | 118 W. South Street, Fayetteville, AR. (479) 966-4241