Tea for Three

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This all started with a bit of a daydream during the winter months after I saw an image in a Korean magazine. The photo, with two similar looking girls ready to celebrate warmer weather, sparked a thought to do a shoot with identical twins. As luck would have it, a friend helped me get in touch with two gorgeous twins who are beginning their professional modeling career. Then, their cute little rabbit hopped on the scene. Surely this is a dream, right?  Before I knew it, all the pieces were falling into place: an amazing artist was willing to do set design; an imaginative hair stylist who I adore was on board; my favorite make up artist was in our adventure; and a talented stylist with her own boutique joined right in, too!

All that was left was a location. Oh a location: Down the rabbit hole I went! This location was off limits, this one would not have me, this one they would have to think about it. Then, I happened upon the loveliest orchard. With everything set to go, only one thing could derail us – RAIN! But far from tears that carried my plans away, the rain merely delayed us a few days, which was just enough time for the apples to begin to blossom.

Surely this was all a dream right? How did all of this come together so perfectly? Shu had her own adventure in wonderland.

Special thanks to:

Models: Amanda and Kayla Vincent | Amandaandkaylavincent@yahoo.com

Makeup Artist: Christina Grillo | grillo.christina@gmail.com

Hair: Heather Fulbright | Solange The Salon, 2901 E Zion Rd ste 6, Fayetteville, AR. (479) 571-2877

Set Designer: Vanessa Mattocks Ryerse | Vintage Butterfly Mosaics

Wardrobe & Stylist: Vintage Violet | 118 W. South Street, Fayetteville, AR. (479) 966-4241


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