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with Bento in 2013


with Bento in 2004

Welcome to Shu Lan Tang Photography!  My name is Shu Lan and I am currently based out of North West Arkansas.   I have a minor in studio art from Hendrix College, but my love for photography didn’t start in my university days.  I began cultivating my skill at the age of 8 when my parents bought me my first camera.  The camera was just a cheap AGFA 110 film point and shoot, but it was hot pink (which, for an 8 year old girl, is the most important feature a camera could ever have to produce amazi

ng photos).  My early work used a unicorn sheet as a back drop and a Care Bears light as a spot light; but time, life lessons, and better equipment has helped me refine my craft.  Today I want to share my photography passion with you.  May it be baby photos, senior portraits, family portraits, a party, or a wedding; I would love to help you capture those joyous fleeting moments we call life.

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Shu Lan Tang Photography