Heidi & Jaz

It is never too late to get your bridal portraits done.  Heidi and I had a quick 15 minute bridal shoot during her family session because her little girl can finally fit into the flower girl dress that was used in Heidi’s wedding back in 2010.    The beautiful morning sun and sweet moments between mother and daughter really made this simple setup anything but simple.

Many Thanks for this Thanksgiving

This shoot was a tough one. Even though I had a beautiful model and some wicked cars, I simply couldn’t get my equipment to cooperate. Lately, I’ve spent more time learning my lighting and photographic techniques so that I could spend less time in post-editing clean ups and tricks. In fact, I had started judging my skills and success as a photographer on the number of images I could pull from a shoot without the use of any post editing. This shoot challenged me on that value – but ultimately in a very good way. The best techniques and equipment can simply not come together on a shoot. In those moments, post editing can help restore some of the beauty, spirit, and fun in a shoot. It’s good to be reminded that art and creative energy do not contain themselves in pre, during, or post production but that inspiration can show up whenever it wants to.

Thanks to Christina – my fabulous model who worked with me in dimming light and through equipment malfunctions. Thanks to Carl at Nash Back At Ya for the awesome rides. And, thanks to the universe which showed me not to limit myself just yet.

Christina Grillo – Makeup Artist

I got to work with the crazy talented and exceedingly gorgeous makeup artist, Christina Grillo, on the Solange The Salon hair shoot last month and was just blown away by her artistry!  While waiting for the session to get started on our 2nd day of shooting, I was able to convince her to step in front of the camera to model this year’s fall colors by Chanel.  The result is a swoon worthy album of drop-dead glamor!  Christina is the resident makeup artist for Chanel at Dillard’s (Fayetteville).  If you are interested in her work, you can contact her at grillo.christina@gmail.com