Solange The Salon – Hair Lookbook

At the end of September, I got to work on a hair lookbook for Solange The Salon with seven extremely talented stylists.  It took us two grueling days to photograph 10 different styles on 10 different models.  By the end of our 2nd day, the glue holding one of the light bulbs on my main light melted; however, we got some amazing photos!  If you are interested in any of the styles or looks please give the girls at Solange The Salon a call.  The salon is located at 2901 E. Zion Rd ste 6, Fayetteville and the number is 479.571.2877

Avery | 1 Year

When Lori was pregnant with Avery, she graciously asked me to take some maternity photos.  At the time, I was just striking out in portraiture and I was excited to have a ‘client’ (though she is actually an old friend as well). In some ways, Avery and I have ‘grown up’ together over the past year.    So, in short, I feel a special connection to this little gem. When Lori asked me to come and shoot at Avery’s one year birthday, I was initially shocked it had already been a full year.  I’ve been delighted to capture her growing moments over the past year and honored that she’s helped me grow into a stronger photographer. Here is a selection of photos from the festivities of Avery’s first birthday.